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Featured Dealership Listings

Custom Photo

Choose your own eye-catching photo to display on the search results page.

Featured Banner

Your featured listing will also have a yellow banner to show the user that you care about sharing all of the great services your dealership (or other listing) has to offer.

Photo on Map Markers

Your photo and banner will show any time someone searches with our map feature and clicks on your marker.

Starred Reviews

Reviews that your dealership receives are prominently featured below your picture on the search results page so customers can see what great service you have.

Custom Photo Header

Choose the best representation of your dealership by adding a custom photo to your listing, if desired. This sets you apart from our basic listings.

Your own "Mini Website"

With a premium listing you can change your listing up to once a month. This gives you flexibility to track what wording attracts more visits. Plus, you can spotlight a different employee or promotion.

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Featured listing detail

Dealership Information

This is the place to tell potential customers about your dealership’s awards and achievements, community outreach, charitable giving, a special employee, etc. It’s about highlighting what makes your dealership special. Every competitor has cars. You want to tell them why they should choose you rather than the other dealership down the street. As an added bonus, you can add trackable inventory buttons that link directly to your own site. You also can add other important phone numbers, linked web address and other desired links, and even a logo if desired.

Gallery Photos

Choose photos that would make a customer want to come to your dealership, i.e. your customer lounge, beverage bar, service bays, community events. Think like a customer who may potentially be at your dealership for a number of hours.


Choose one video that succinctly tells a customer about your dealership. Remember: although you can only choose one, you are not limited to how often you can change.

Employee Spotlight

This is a great place to incentivize your staff by giving them a special place of recognition. It might be a mechanic in your service department, a salesperson, or an employee that gives their time for charity. This is also a great place for specials or coupons that might be attached to that person or department.

Features and Lifestyle Amenities

Every dealership has cars. You should want to sell the EXPERIENCE. With our list of searchable features and lifestyle amenities, you can give busy consumers what they are looking for when they need to come to your dealership.

No one wants to spend time in a dirty customer lounge with nothing to read and no safe internet. Bored children bring chaos to a waiting room and families might look for service elsewhere if they feel those needs are not taken into consideration as well. By listing your features with our Premium listing you are showing your customers that you care about the experience they have at your dealership.


Free Basic Dealership Listings

Free Basic Listings

This includes your address, phone number and any features and amenities you would like included. This does not include any links to new or used inventory, which gets the consumer away from your competition and looking at your own inventory.

Limited Information

This listing type has only basic information and a map view. Compare with the features of our Premium listing and see why that is a fantastic value.

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