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Many people are looking for more in their local auto dealer than just cars. They are looking to service their car, which includes amenities that fit their busy lifestyle like dog-friendly environments, coffee bars, free wifi with space for business tasks, and even a workout space. Busy parents are looking for service centers with amenities like children’s play areas, video games, and snacks that will make the wait easier.

Auto Buy Sell Dealers wants to become the source for consumers looking for more than just a car. We want to help them find the right dealership experience for them and their family.

Roberta Cuffin

About Roberta Cuffin

Even though I grew up having a father and two brothers in the auto industry, like many women in the same circumstance, I decided to take a different path. That is, until recently.

Having finally joined the industry as Associate Publisher of Automotive Buy Sell Report and after meeting industry professionals all over the country I realized that dealers are missing something…understanding customers like me.

At different times in my life I have been a student, working professional, home-schooling mom, researcher, and care-taker. I don’t like having my time wasted, being talked down to, or being told that my opinions don’t matter.

I don’t like sitting in dirty waiting rooms, visiting a rest room with paper all over, or feeling like a play area hasn’t been washed in who knows how long. Do I sound demanding? You bet I am! And many of your customers are just like me. We may not say anything, but you can be assured we are telling those in our circle about our experience.

As life gets busier for all of us, the time we have is becoming more valuable, including our time having our car serviced or searching for a new one. This is my small contribution to help where I can. If I can save anyone time during their busy day, I have accomplished that goal.

I welcome your comments and/or suggestions.